What is Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test.?

It’s also Called DMIT Test

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test is a truly scientific study of the fingerprint patterns. This will help in understanding a great individual’s potential & personality Type. Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is based on understanding from Neuroscience, Genetics, Dermatoglyphics, Psychology and Embryology. DMIT Test Assessment method has been formulated by scientists and Medical experts. DMIT Test has accepted by Entire world and also from renowned universities. Medical experts and Approved clinical experience confirmed that finger prints provide accurate analysis of humans Multiple Intelligences and inborn potential. Traditionally only IQ test is used to be a measurement tool for degree of intelligence. Now Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test Using in the field of School college and educational institutions. Human resource management. Children memory Enhancements Programs. Career Guidance and Career Counseling

What is DMIT ? Video

Benefits of DMIT Test

What is Dermatoglyphics?

Dermatoglyphics is a scientific analysis of fingerprint patterns.The term Dermatoglyphics originates from two Greek words.



Fingerprints and dermal ridge pattern are unique with each individual.Even Fingerprints are differences between similar twins also.Discover your intrinsic potential by identifying the form and various types of styles on the finger


What is Dermatoglyphics

What is Multiple Intelligence Test?

Multiple Intelligence is a scientific Method of understanding Brain Lobes and its usages

Dr. Howard Gardner introduced 9 Multiple Intelligence in his book called Frames of Mind

Every person has a minimum of 9 Multiple Intelligence

Everybody has different ratios of Multiple Intelligence.

Anyone can discover their Inborn Multiple Intelligence from DMIT Test

Multiple Intelligence

Multiple Intelligence

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test is a combined scientific study of Brain Lobes, 9 Multiple Intelligence and Human Psychology. with the help of fingerprints.

Know your inborn Talent with DMIT Test and be a Winner
Fingerprints and Brain Connection
Fingerprints truly are closely associated with the infant’s mind development. Fingerprints are usually developed during the 13th to 19th week of an embryo. Fingerprints start to develop inside the embryo from 13th Week. In fact it gets formed by 24th week. Many research papers have got elaborated with link between fingerprint patterns and Human Brain lobes.
Fingerprints and Brain Lobes
  • Brain Lobes can be analyzed depending on formation and amount of ridge present in the finger prints.
  • Medical experts confirmed that each person’s finger prints are unique.
  • Fingerprints demonstrate different types of characteristics, even identical twin babies also.
  • The syndication of fingerprints is recognized as represent of human brain cells.
  • Fingerprint development depends on proportion & distribution of brain lobes.
  • Children with learning difficulties will vary fingerprints in comparison to talented children’s

History of Dermatoglyphics & Multiple Intelligence

History of Dermatoglyphics

  • The research of Dermatoglyphics is usually more than 200 yrs. old.
  • Dermatoglyphics was mainly used to find skilled sportsmen for Olympics Games in 1970s.
  • Dermatoglyphics is invented by Dr.Harold Cummins.
  • Dr.Harold Cummins is certainly acknowledged as Father of Dermatoglyphics.
  • He studied almost all aspects of fingerprints analysis throughout fields.
  • Dermatoglyphics was used Find Genetic disease with the help of fingerprint patterns
  • Dermatoglyphics Originated from Down Syndromes Theory.
Dr. Harold Cummins

Dr. Harold Cummins

History of Multiple Intelligence Theory

  • Multiple Intelligence is invented by Dr. Howard Gardner in 1983.
  • Multiple Intelligence (MI. Theory) was especially invented for Education and Psychology Problem Solution
  • Every Child Born with different types of Multiple Intelligence. Parents & Teacher Should discover it.

Reasoning behind Gardner M.I Theory

  • Instructional programs should catch the attention of different sorts of intelligence.
  • Individuals should be persuaded to use their own preferred intelligence on learning.
  • Assessment for learning should evaluate multiple sorts of intelligence
Dr. Howard Gardner

Dr. Howard Gardner

Most Growing countries USA, Sweden, Japan & Taiwan’s are using DMIT Test from long time.

The DMIT Test has assisted lakhs of School, college students in Sweden, Indonesia, German, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

It is new to India from past 4 years & is continuing to do this successfully.

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What is Multiple Intelligence ?

dmit1Medically it has been verified that the development of the brain, its lobe sand fingerprints is done during the 7th and 21st week of pregnancy. Therefore there is a direct co-relation between the development of the brain and fingerprint. During the development the information is transcribed as our finger prints, that are unique for everyone.

With the Science of Dermatoglyphics one understands his or her hidden potential and talents. This is a science which studies the patterns of skins (dermal) ridges present on the fingers, toes and the soles of human. It reveals the congenital links between our fingers and our intrinsic qualities and talents. By analyzing dermatoglyphy, we can accurately understand the distribution and amount of cells in the left and right brain of the cell, and predict where the potential lies. Although everyone is bored with strengths and weaknesses; if they are identified early, we may further develop the strengths and improve our weakness, so that the left and right brain may grow in a more balanced and blend way.

About Our Brains

  • The human brain is the most fascinating three pounds of matter on this Universe.
  • During brain development, 250,000 neurons are added every minute.
  • The right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa.
  • The hemispheres are divided in terms of what kind of thought they process or produce.

  • Left Brain

  • Analytical
  • Logical
  • Precise
  • Repetitive
  • Organized
  • Details
  • Scientific
  • Detached
  • Literal
  • Sequential


  • Right brain

  • Creative
  • Imaginative
  • General
  • Intuitive
  • Conceptual
  • Big Picture
  • Heuristic
  • Empathetic
  • Figurative
  • Irregular

Brain & Finger – How it Connects

Right Brain is corresponding to Left Hand and Left Brain is corresponding to Right Hand.


During the earlier days, when American doctors discovered a strange case where the baby is born without a brain. In this case, the absence of brain is associated with the absence of fingerprints as well. Cases like this repeated throughout history, leading medical experts to believe that the brain is absolutely linked to the fingerprints. Neurobiologists point out that our fingerprints development are synchronized with that of the neo-cortex. For example, children with Down Syndrome have a fingerprints with distinguishable characteristics.

Canadian neurology professor Penfield published the chart between brain regions and bodily functions. In the chart, the relationship between fingerprints and the brain is also pointed out.

Japanese medical expert professor pointed out that the fingers are closely related to the brain hemisphere. Therefore, this has been widely used in many fields.

Benefit of DMIT

Dermatoglyphics is that branch of science that makes one understand his or her own hidden potential and abilities. With the help of dermatoglyphics, we can find out our inborn advantages and give suggestions as per each person’s own characteristics with no prejudice. Our fingerprints never change in the whole life so it is completely different from people who read hands or fortune tellers, which only forecast our future by looking at the palms. Everyone acquires intrinsic intelligence from their parents and if one’s intelligence gets no chance to be motivated and further developed, there is no other way one can develop an intelligence of memory, understanding, analysis, reasoning, and application. By studying dermatoglyphy, we can exactly understand the distribution and number of cells in the left and right brain of the cell, and calculate where the potential lies. Dermotoglyphics analysis may help:

In terms of personal growth:

  • Left & Right Brain Hemisphere Configuration & Characteristic (Balanced / Right or Left Brain Oriented)
  • Comparison & Distribution Of MI (Left & Right Brain)
  • Brain Lobes Configuration
  • Multiple Intelligence Chart
  • Inborn MI & Present MI Ranking & Process Chart
  • MI-Related Questions
  • Your Personality Type
  • Learning Type / Mode / Style
  • MI-Related Talents
  • MI-Related Childhood Actions
  • MI-Related Adulthood Actions
  • Genes-Related Parent (Father or Mother) Orientation
  • Competency & Compatibility
  • One’s gifted key area(s)
  • Improves Career, Bride & Groom/Spouse/Friend/Family Members/ Business Partners Competency & Compatibility
  • Enhance the sense of the value of life and happiness
  • Strengthen communication and interaction skills
  • Know how to appreciate people

In terms of education and career:

  • Parent-child communication and education
  • Target at talents
  • Improves General & Special Subject Preferences
  • Select a major that best fit one’s desired career path
  • Define the most appropriate way of teaching and learning

For Corporate:

  • Administration / Finance / Auditing / Marketing & planning / Research & Development
  • Sales / Customer Care / Advertising / Training
  • Human Resources / Logistic / Personnel / Hospitality
  • Top Management / Quality / Assurance / Manufacturing / Legal / Commercial / Purchase
  • Explore the potential of an employee
  • Recruitment

Toddlers (Age 1-4)dmit5

  • Understand their inborn characteristic (curious, aggressive, rebellious, persistent and etc.)
  • Understand and develop an effective way to interact with your child based on their inborn communication style
  • Understand and develop an effective interaction method with your child
  • Eliminate the ‘trial and error’ situations with identifying and nurturing talents

Children (age 4-12)

  • Gives clear picture of multiple intelligence andmit6d learning styles of your child to help you understand strength and weaknesses of your child.
  • Offers specific suggestions for improvement and tips for parents suggesting number of activities to groom your child.
  • Can develop multiple intelligence of your child on your own and save your time and money to be spent on type of education and parenting aid, actually not required
  • Better understanding and acceptance of strength and weaknesses of child helps strengthen relationship amongst Parents and child.
  • Reduces clashes in adolescence years.
  • If worked as per suggestive tips one can turn weaknesses in to strength and excel in preferred career path.

Teenagers & Young Adults (age 12-25)dmit7

  • Understand your natural character traits
  • Discover your own abilities and choose right career path.
  • Identify and develop your core competencies.
  • Identify the most suitable learning and leadership styles.
  • Rekindle your passion for living and revive dreams from the past
  • Invest wisely in suitable self-development programs
  • Plan ahead to achieve your goals and live your dreams

Adult (age 25+)

  • Understanding nature and strength and weaknesses of other person helps choosing right and codmit8compatible spouse to have healthy family life in future.
  • Understanding and acceptance of strength and weaknesses of your spouse helps improving healthy bonding and remove causes for differences.
  • Boosts confidence and trust in each other.
  • Helps enjoying and growing together by supporting each other.
  • Broken family is a major influencing factor on the health of society. Effective use of this report is helpful in reducing number of heart breaks and broken relationships.


Healthy relationship-Healthy couple life- healthy parenthood-healthy childhood- healthy society- strong Nation.

School & Studentsdmit9

  • Helps in choosing right academic courses and suitable career path.
  • Makes you understand most effective ways and style of learning.
  • If followed suggestive tips one can choose and excel in desired career by overcoming weaknesses.
  • Boosts confidence and improves relationship with parents and peers.
  • Reduces peer pressure by understanding oneself and helps developing well-groomed personality.
  • Suitable academics and career path lets you enjoy your Study and work and takes you far away from depression attacks.


  • Selection of right career path
  • More effective human resources.dmit10
  • Placing right person at the right place.
  • Reduces cost, increases healthy competition and create better corporate value.
  • Happy and dedicated employees give better performances.
  • Deserving and preferred work encourages better and devoted performance.
  • Reduces frequent inflow and outflow of employees.
  • Consistency and stability in employees creates healthy bond in employer and employees
  • Activities to encourage employees to improve their weaknesses helps better use of talents and strength of the person.
  • Reduces cost and energy in trial and error in placement

DMIT Test process

The 3 Step Process=>


Why Mindeh Academy

A counseling is a session where the client and the counselor come together with a common objective of meeting with the clients problem in a more developmental and effective way. This process leads to action on part of the counselor, personal growth of the client usually occurs and resolution of the problem is an expectation.

We have sound knowledge of DMIT and analysis. Main part of this test is counseling after the report of finger print analysis because through counseling you can understand your/ child’s multiple intelligence and brain functions ,carrier options, learning style, carrier guide lines etc. Our counselor is Certified NLP practitioner from American University of NLP, Certified Advanced Hypnotist and Life Coach.

So we provide you better guidance to improve your child carrier, learning style and better understanding of fingerprint analysis report. We are best service and counseling provider in DMIT .

So why are you waiting fill up the foam of DMIT analysis of your child and give him a new direction, new carrier. We empowering your child’s multiple intelligence . we will contact you.