Mind Power and Midbrain Activation

Mid Brain Activation in simple words

This is a scientifically developed program. In this program participants go through different types of activities to trigger specific parts of the brain.

First it starts with Brain Gym exercises whereby we can trigger LEFT and RIGHT side of the brain for better synchronization of our mind and body.

This is followed by “Mid Brain Activation” process in which specific parts of the brain are activated.

Levels of Mid Brain Activation

There are different levels of Mid Brain Activation Program which are achieved after continuous practice:

  • Ability to read while blindfolded
  • Ability to look beyond objects and wall
  • Quantum Speed Reading: Ability to read faster.

Benefits of Mid Brain Activation

As this techniques works at very core level of the brain, hence participants gets following benefits out of this:

  1. Memory enhancement
  2. Concentration enhancement
  3. Confidence boosting
  4. Creativity enhancement
  5. Emotions management

Response to Mid Brain Activation is Hoax

There are some websites and video which are promoting that Mid Brain Activation is Hoax. Let’s understand these claims. Mid Brain Activation:

  1. Leads to ability of Blind-fold reading: There are some videos and news which says that blind fold reading is hoax. This is claim without any base. Blind-fold reading is observed within first two days of this program and it is 100% truth. In some of the children it may take couple of additional classes before they get this but every child get this ability. In case it would have been a hoax, children would have told their parents right after the workshop.
  2. Leads to better performance in academics: Mid Brain Activation program can be considered a heavy dose of meditation. And positive effects of meditation have been accepted globally. Hence continuous practice of mid brain activation would surely lead to better performance. In addition to this, the personality of a children is sum total of various factors in his/her environment. Hence although Mid Brain Activation works as catalyst for growth but until family and school environment remain the same, then it hamper the growth.

Midbrain Activation Workshop Fee

Midbrain Activation being a very unique program is charged based on facility where classes are conducted. Course delivery is in format where Two Full Days classes are provided followed by weekend follow-ups of 2-3 hours. Hence some institute might charge fees for two days workshop and follow-up classes whereas others institute might charge separate fees for two days workshop and follow-ups. Usually charges varies from Rs. 12000 to Rs. 18000. But based on facilities charges may vary.

Mid Brain Activation Franchise – Useful information

Like any other business, Mid Brain Activation business is growing exponentially. Like any other industry, some people who are just looking for quick money are not doing justice to this noble work. Hence one should research properly before taking franchise of this program. Some points to be considered:

  • Initially Mid Brain Activation was given in franchise model where Mid Brain franchise would cost 2-3 lac and master franchise i.e. ability to give further franchise was more than 5 lac. Also some of the companies would further claim royalty in per admission.
  • Recently many companies have started giving away the franchise through open source model. Here an amount of around 1 lac is charged and we an say that master franchise is given in that amount.
  • Main thing to consider here is that as for any business, franchise should provide support which is not happening in most of the cases. Hence one should do enough background check before taking franchise.
  • Further there are other options to also include DMIT and other options to get combo offer. All these aspects should be considered.

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