Speed Hand Writing

Many children struggle with bad handwriting, writing speed and also with wrong formation of letters. As the parents have to pay sincere attention to this issue. If the children is unable to write less than 12 words per minute which is considered as a severe disability in completion of a task in desired time.

Mindeh Academy provides “Speed Writing Course” which ensures a proper formation of letters with speed. We do rigorous efforts to improve children’s hand strength, dexterity & right positioning so as to increase his speed. We provide 100% guaranteed program which results in the permanent improvement because of the scientific techniques used to enhance the speed.

Common Problems in Handwriting:

There are certain common problems in handwriting:

  • The wrong holding of the pen/pencils
  • Cannot write fast
  • Not joining of the alphabets
  • Many sentences are not properly written on the lines.
  • Finger become shaky
  • Some children writes very small which is unable to read.
  • Slating of the writing is not consistent & goes up & down.

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