PME (Whole Brain Activation)

We have been actively involved with kids and help them grow their brain's learning potential through mid-brain activation technique to do extremely well in their fields / academics and life thereby creating a better future for them. We strive to build a better generation by identifying and creating more talents for the benefit of the world. Whole Brain activation, mid-brain activation program is a scientific method which helps to balance between left and right brain effectively.

Whole Brain activation training (Mid-brain activation program) helps to activate the brain waves called alpha-theta in a child, where these waves have been found to activate the super intuition, which is scientifically proven. With this intuition being in active state, when the child grow up, their right brain would remains active and not dominated by the left Brain, if they continue to practice this technique.. This has shown spectacular results and works super best if your child is in the age group of 5-15 years.. Brain-Trigger Academy conducts brain enrichment Workshop through the innovative use of mid-brain activation technique for children by using modern technology.

What makes it interesting, exciting is that the children Read, Write, Paint and do various activities with their *eyes closed. *(Blind fold exercises)

The children will be able to read and do anything with their eyes closed, such as identifying a card, color, reading a newspaper’s headline, identifying something inside a closed box , walking/cycling/ shooting with eyes closed, playing games on a PC with eyes closed, and many other things. It is not magic, but the outcome of our unique mid-brain activation program that has delivered results every time.

Every Trainer is international certified, successful professional and with rich experience are committed to develop your child. We conduct courses which can wake up some sleeping/hidden brain potential and produces excellent results. Our specialized mid-brain training program focuses on increasing the brain's potential by activating a child's Whole Brain.

Whole Brain Activation, mid-brain activation program has recently been spreading well all across the world.

Especially in countries like: USA, UK, Japan, Singapore, Russia, Tibet, Malaysia, Indonesia, Ceylon, Ecuador, Australia, Thailand, China, Hongkong, this has now picked up pace and momentum in India.

We lay great emphasis on knowledge, quality of work, and a specialized approach at all levels. We understand, evaluate and conduct brain enhancement that helps children. We are quality conscious and follow smart Practices.

We have total of 3 Levels in our Workshop.

What will the child achieve at Brain-Trigger academy?

  • have increased and improved memory
  • gain higher self confidence and belief
  • have improved learning capability
  • have more creative mind
  • be more motivated and positive
  • have better concentration and focus
  • balances right and left brain
  • develop blindfold reading abilities
  • have confidence
  • being creative
  • makes one emotionally stable and balanced.

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